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  3. Rosmorport completes preparations of its 12 port icebreakers
Rosmorport completes preparations of its 12 port icebreakers

Rosmorport completes preparations of its 12 port icebreakers

Rosmorport announced that it has finished the preparation of its icebreaking fleet for the upcoming icebreaking support services during 2020-2021 winter period.


At this time, Rosmorport's 12 port icebreakers are completely technically prepared for service. These icebreakers include the Semyon Dezhnev, the Ivan Kruzenshtern, the Kapitan M. Izmailov, the Kapitan Zarubin, the Yuri Lisyansky and the Kapitan Plakhin, 3 vessels from the FSUE Rosmorport Arkhangelsk branch, 3 vessels from the Azov basin branch and 6 icebreakers for service in the North-West basin.

FSUE Rosmorport carries out maintenance work on the icebreaking fleet as part of the preparations for the support service time , taking into account the technical state of the systems and mechanisms of all vessels. The work shall be carried out in accordance with the technical operating instructions and shall take account of the specifications of the classification societies.

FSUE's Rosmorport icebreaker fleet consists of 36 icebreakers and icebreaking tugs.

By the scheduled date of December 1 , 2020, the linear icebreakers will be packed. The FSUE Rosmorport icebreakers are fitted with seasoned crews and the captains have several years of experience in the icebreaking fleet industry.

The company's icebreakers frequently engage in special naval operations in the polar waters. In 2019, for instance, the Dixon icebreaker towed the Akademik Lomonosov, the only floating power unit in the world, from Murmansk to Pevek along the Northern Sea Route.

The company offers icebreaker support services for vessels at and entering the 15 freezing seaports of the Russian Federation, as well as icebreaker support services for vessels navigating ice in other World Ocean basins.

The services for icebreaking help start at various times. According to long-term practice, the first season will open from mid-November in the water zone of the Arkhangelsk seaport.

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