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Republic of the Marshall Islands Maintains Highest Quality Fleet

Republic of the Marshall Islands Maintains Highest Quality Fleet

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Registry’s active role in supporting its owners and operators has resulted in sustaining the highest quality fleet in the world.


At the close of day one of CMA Shipping 2024, Rear Admiral Wayne Arguin informed RMI Registry personnel that the RMI has once again achieved the coveted United States Coast Guard’s (USCG’s) QUALSHIP 21 status, marking 20 consecutive years. The RMI is the only Registry in the world to do so. This recognition is the result of long-term and consistent focus on open communication with global port State control (PSC) authorities as well as a strong internal commitment to compliance, technical support, and customer service.


“Compliance is very important to us as a registry,” commented Bill Gallagher, President of International Registries, Inc. and its affiliates (IRI), which provide administrative and technical support to the RMI Registry. “In today’s environment, owners and operators benefit from having an active and engaged partner by their side supporting them from not only the technical, compliance, and inspections side, but also in having an active dialogue with global PSC,” he continued.


The RMI Registry has invested in building in-country resources across the world, facilitating local and regional relationships with PSC authorities worldwide to strengthen the flag and port State safety net through trust and transparency. In the first two months of 2024, Registry representatives have met with PSC authorities in Belgium, Australia, the Americas, and Greece. These in-person meetings allow for information sharing and open discussion of PSC and industry concerns, allowing all parties to be proactive in addressing compliance, safe vessel operation, seafarers’ wellness, and more.


“Our fleet operations and technical teams meet regularly with PSC authorities and representatives to learn, discuss, and work together,” said Brian Poskaitis, Senior Vice President, Fleet Operations who attended the INTERTANKO North American Panel meeting as well as a number of the PSC meetings. “The RMI values the QUALSHIP 21 program and has sustained the highest level of compliance of any flag year-over-year. Stakeholders that take this program seriously know that it drives compliance and improves fleet quality worldwide,” he continued.


“Our fleet operations teams meet with PSC authorities to share our inspections and audit processes, solicit feedback, and ensure two-way open communication. We share information from PSC with our owners and operators and develop resources to help them efficiently prepare for inspections, make informed decisions, and ultimately reduce the risk of disruption to their itinerary and keep the ships moving safely,” noted Chief Commercial Officer Theo Xenakoudis.


“Our long-term commitment and focus on high-quality and safe vessel operation is represented in our PSC record,” said Bill Gallagher. “We are very proud of our proactive and engaged approach that benefits our owners and operators. Our collaborative approach is one of the reasons why the RMI Registry continues to strengthen and grow,” he concluded.


In addition to 20 consecutive years on the USCG’s QUALSHIP 21 roster, the RMI Registry achieved another significant milestone. In January 2024, the Registry achieved 200 million gross tons and over 5,600 vessels. Of those vessels,1,341 are enrolled in the QUALSHIP 21 program, the largest contingent of any flag.


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