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Pro Marine Bringes the Industry Together With Its Partners

Pro Marine Bringes the Industry Together With Its Partners

Pro Marine Solutions brought together its partner companies in the maritime industry and celebrated the New Year and shared its expanded business range with the industry.


PRO Marine Solutions brought the industry together with a magnificent invitation organized at the Hilton Kozyatağı Hotel on December 19, 2023. Leading representatives and major companies of the maritime industry, as well as the representatives of China's leading companies, of which PRO Marine is the distributor, attended the night. The night was hosted by Emre Uyanık, the founder and Chairman of PRO Marine Solutions.

In his speech at the night, the Chairman Emre Uyanık started his speech by thanking all the guests who attended the invitation. Emre Uyanık stated that he wishes 2024 to bring peace to the world as we prepare to step into a new year, and congratulated everyone’s New Year. He briefly talked about what they do and stated that he loves being in this industry in terms of spare parts and technical service. Stating that they will continue to serve the maritime industry with new partnerships in 2024, Uyanık emphasized that their quality and 24/7 service approach will continue in every segment. Mr. Emre Uyanık thanked Mr. Zhao, the head of the China Office, Pro Marine Purchasing Manager Alicia and Mr. Jason, the head of the Korea Office for their support during the establishment of Pro Marine. The night continued with stage performances and the guests had fun with the songs of the 1990s.

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