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  3. Princess Cruises to cancel two cruise program of 2021
Princess Cruises to cancel two cruise program of 2021

Princess Cruises to cancel two cruise program of 2021

Princess cited the constraints and restrictions of border and port entry, as determined by the government and health authorities, and the continuing instability of airline travel.


Princess Cruises cancels its early 2021 World Cruises and Circle South America cruises on two ships:

• Island Princess 2021 World Cruise sailing from North America, including associated segments and remaining voyages sailing immediately prior .
• Pacific Princess 2021 Circle South America sailing from Australia, including associated positioning cruises.

Guests currently booked on these canceled trips will receive a refundable Future Cruise Credit (FCC) equivalent to 100% of the cruise fare paid plus an additional non-refundable FCC bonus equal to 25% of the cruise fare paid. In order to receive the above mentioned FCCs, no action is required of the guest or their travel advisor.

Instead, guests can cancel the FCC Bonus Offer and request a refund for any money they have spent on their booking by using this online form. Guests have until 30 September 2020 to make a refund, or they will automatically receive the default deal set out above.

Princess Cruises will protect travel advisors on canceled cruise bookings paid in full, in recognition of their critical role and success in the business of the cruise line.

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