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  3. Poland presents off-shore wind bill
Poland presents off-shore wind bill

Poland presents off-shore wind bill

Energy Ministry of Poland has finished internal work on draft "Offshore Wind Act". The draft is to be further proceeded now by Polish Government on the legislative path through public consultations.


The ministry has announced that the draft is the result of intensive work and consultations with many partners.

“I am convinced that the proposed regulations will significantly contribute to the future creation of a systemically formed offshore wind energy sector in Poland,” Minister of energy Krzysztof Tchorzewski stated.

"We hope we will spend the remainder of November and December on streamlining the project," he added.

RWE Renewables has acquired a pipeline of up to four offshore wind projects in around the Slupsk bank area in the central Polish Baltic Sea. The projects have a total combined capacity of more than 1.5 GW and are in different development stages.

A number of offshore wind farm projects are on hold awaiting legislation, signals from power companies have suggested.

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