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Palau International Ship Registry (PISR) has expanded its global reach into 29 countries with a total of 42 Deputy Registrar offices around the globe. The maritime hub of Panama is one of the PISR offices to deliver state of the art registration services


Panos Kirnidis, CEO of Palau International Ship Registry is delighted to welcome Melyssa Alejandra Barrios in her new position.

Melyssa has extensive knowledge of the region and is an expert in Ship Registration issues and associated legal affairs. Operating from Panama, she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to PISR and its clients. Our Panama Deputy Registrar office proves that successfully addressing client needs requires more than just knowledge of the ship registration and a mastery of the multitude of rules and regulations that impact our clients’ interests. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our mission to deliver outstanding client service, has earned our expansion and the trust we continuously build within the market.”

The Panama Deputy Registrar office is an important point of contact for ship owners and operators in the developing region of Central Americas. With the expansion of the Panama Canal there is a need for people with an in-depth knowledge of the shipping world who can advise, support and operate on behalf of ship owners and operators.

Panama is a vibrant and vital hub in the worldwide shipping chain, and increasing numbers of

owners and managers from the region are putting their trust – and their ships – in the Palau International Ship Registry. Our strategic executive appointments confirm our commitment to providing the best service available to shipowners, operators and managers anywhere in the market today,” says Panos Kirnidis.


We are delighted to have Melyssa Alejandra Barrios on board and we are very confident that her experience, expertise and global contacts will serve to strengthen still further PISR’s strong presence in Panama and the Central Americas generally and cement our position as one of the world’s leading smart registries. We have invested in our services in Panama and expertise of our staff in being able to deliver reliable, quality registration services to a growing customer base is based on knowledge and experience. Having strong presence in the region shows we have a deep understanding of the operational and technical complexities our global teams have in the maritime industry. Melyssa Alejanda Barrios will offer owners a less complicated but exhaustive portfolio of ship registration services that have marked Palau as a smart registry for the 21st century. She has been very active in Palau registry matters and will lead a team dedicated to dealing with clients looking for that personal and specialised approach. We have been fortunate to secure her skills for the registry and also her experience as lawyer. ”


Palau International Ship Registry opened its new European head office in Piraeus, Greece, at the beginning of 2017 and Panos Kirnidis sees the next 12 months as a growth period for the flag.

Our aim has always been to make PISR the flag of choice for world leading shipowners and as part of this drive we are looking at opening deputy registrar offices across the major global shipping locations. Central America is a traditional heavyweight location for shipping with the Panama Canal and we are determined that Palau will be at the forefront in providing ship registry services for vessels looking to develop with a smart registry. With Melyssa Alejandra Barrios now on board we have what we need to not only expand our office coverage but also our services and personnel. We are determined to be seen as a class-led smart registry and Panama is another location we have offering our unique registry services from.”

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