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Ocean Sun to supply solar solution in South Korea

Ocean Sun to supply solar solution in South Korea

Norwegian floating solar specialist Ocean Sun and South Korean firm EN Technologies have entered into a technology license agreement behind the Saemangeum Seawall for the construction of Ocean Sun floating solar solution.


The contract specifically covers a demonstration device with a guaranteed 100MW follow-up option over the next 18 months.

It's also the agreement 's intention to build 500 MW in the next five years, Ocean Sun said.

EN will start the demonstration project from the day that the Saemangeum Development Authority launches the public offering to third parties.

A 2.1GW solar power plant project behind the Saemangeum Seawall has been approved by the Ministry of Trade , Industry, and Energy.

The Saemangeum plant will cover 30 square kilometres, adjacent to a site where there will be an international airport.

Electricity is expected to be enough for 1 million households.

Eventually, if all goes according to plan, this should be the largest floating solar farm in the world.

Work on the solar farm should commence in the latter half of 2020, according to Ocean Sun.

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