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Ocean Infinity expands its robotic vessels fleet

Ocean Infinity expands its robotic vessels fleet

As part of the next phase of its "Armada" fleet, Ocean Infinity has signed a contract for eight 78-meter, potentially crewed robotic vessels.


“The impact and the scale of this robotic fleet will spark the biggest transformation the maritime industry has seen since sail gave way to steam.With our new fleet we will be able to provide sustainable services to all corners of the industry from offshore energy, to logistics and transport,” said Oliver Plunkett, CEO of Ocean Infinity.

These fuel-efficient, onshore-controlled vessels would initially only use a skeleton crew aboard, according to the group.

They can operate with no offshore personnel in due course, while also consuming only renewable fuels such as ammonia.

VARD, based in Norway, will design and create these new vessels.

The 78-meter vessels will complement the existing Armada fleet of nine 21-meter and 36-meter vessels in development at present.

“Expanding our Armada fleet to include these larger vessels will enable us to support a wider spectrum of maritime activity, which from the outset will provide more sustainable outcomes with smaller crews and less power consumption than traditional vessels, whilst also creating new, safer job opportunities for the ‘seafarer of the future," Plunkett added.

The first 78-meter vessel is scheduled to be commissioned by mid-2022.

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