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  3. NYK Line takes full control of Green Zeebrugge
NYK Line takes full control of Green Zeebrugge

NYK Line takes full control of Green Zeebrugge

The Marine LNG Zeebrugge joint venture, set up to operate the Gas4Sea brand, has been dissolved, Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK Line) said.


The joint venture was set up as an LNG bunkering unit by NYK Line, Engie and Mitsubishi Corporation.

In addition, the partners decided to pass to NYK all the shares of the exclusive vessel holding company for the LNG bunkering vessel Engie Zeebrugge and to make NYK a unit of the holding company. The name of LBV was changed from Engie Zeebrugge to Green Zeebrugge.

NYK will start the LNG fuel bunkering business under a new scheme in the future in response to the anticipated rise in global demand for LNG fuel, the company said in its statement.

In terms of LNG-fuel bunkering, the group will continue to grow the LNG-fuel industry, encourage the conversion of marine fuel to LNG and contribute to reducing the environmental burden of shipping.

Since 2017, Green Zeebrugge, designed by Hanjin Heavy at the Yeongdo shipyard in Busan , South Korea, has been operating out of Zeebrugge port. The vessel has a chilled fuel cargo capacity of 5000 cubic meters.

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