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Nibulon becomes the best shipyard of Ukraine in 2019

Nibulon becomes the best shipyard of Ukraine in 2019

The Association of Shipbuilders of Ukraine (Ukrsudprom) has recognized Nibulon shipbuilding and repair yard as the highest in the All-Ukrainian classification, having evaluated the working results of the Ukrainian shipyards in 2019.


Based on the ranking of the Association of Shipbuilders of Ukraine (Ukrsudprom), the company has once again entered the country's TOP 3 shipyards in 2019 as the most productive shipyard. It is pleasing to mention that last year, Nibulon was recognized as the leader in this ranking.

Nibulon's shipbuilding and ship repair yard today is a modern facility, one of the few Ukrainian companies to build full vessels.

The shipyard constructs up to 140 m long vessels and floating units.

The company modernized the slipway and quay, upgraded the cranes, bought the best tools and welding machines, designed new workshops and fitted them with state-of-the-art equipment from the world's leading manufacturers, and provided working conditions of European quality.

The company is continuing to modernize the shipyard, which will become the most modern in Ukraine, and one of the best shipyards in Europe, without a doubt.

Because of the large-scale reconstruction, the NIBULON MAX 140-m self-propelled floating vessel was put into service by Nibulon's shipyard in 2019, which was an important event for the company and the entire Ukraine. This is the longest vessel in the history of the shipyard, showing the entirely new higher level of shipbuilding capabilities of Nibulon. It is the longest river-sea crane vessel constructed since the independence of Ukraine. The Ukrainian flag flies on the vessel.

Depending on the size of the order and deadweight, the shipyard launches 6-8 vessels annually. At the Nibulon shipbuilding and repair site, nearly 800 trained specialists operate. The shipyard is implementing its development program successfully.

The fleet of Nibulon contains 83 vessels used for different operations. It is the newest fleet in Ukraine and the most modern.

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