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New Zealand to allow entry of some maritime vessels

New Zealand to allow entry of some maritime vessels

New Zealand announced on Friday that it would allow some maritime vessels to enter, as it looks to open its economy after lifting all restrictions on COVID-19.


However, cruise ships and leisure travellers will continue to be banned from entering the country, the government stated. 

New Zealand lifted all the social and economic restrictions except border controls after declaring on Monday that it was free from coronavirus, one of the world's first countries to start to pre-pandemic normality.

Now it is looking to kick-start its economy which has been battered by the lockdown.

The government has said it would require entry to anyone arriving at the maritime frontier, where the vessel is in desperate need of moving to New Zealand.

Also, border restrictions will no longer apply to replacing cargo crew arriving in New Zealand by air and then moving them to a cargo ship preparing to depart its shores.

This will help to keep the routes of shipping safe, the government stated.

It takes more than 14 days for most maritime journeys to New Zealand, so crew and others can isolate themselves route .

Two challenging syndicates for the America's Cup have also been granted exemptions to enter New Zealand and start their preparations for the event that will take place in Auckland early next year.

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