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  3. New Liebherr LRS 545 Reachstacker for Dublin
New Liebherr LRS 545 Reachstacker for Dublin

New Liebherr LRS 545 Reachstacker for Dublin

Doyle Shipping Group has taken delivery of a new Liebherr LRS 545 reachstacker for its Dublin Port container operation.


The LRS 545 was produced at Liebherr’s manufacturing facility in Sunderland (UK) and shipped to Dublin via road.

Liebherr has delivered a new LRS 545 reachstacker to Doyle Shipping Group at Dublin Port. The new reachstacker is being used at Doyle Shipping Group’s busy Dublin Port container operation predominantly for the loading and unloading of containers to and from trains at the port.

The Liebherr LRS 545 is the ideal machine for this type of operation due to its low front end, which allows for increased visibility for the operator when placing the containers onto the train.

The inclusion of Liebherr’s established hydrostatic drive system on the LRS 545 has made it possible to reduce the front profile of the machine. The system removes the need for a front drive axle and mechanical gearbox. Instead, each wheel is independently driven by a hydraulic motor. Not only is this a more compact solution, it reduces tyre scrubbing and thereby increases tyre life. And by removing the mechanical gearbox element, the drive of the machine from acceleration to braking is smooth and stepless, which provides added sensitivity at low speeds and increases driver comfort.

State of the art drive concept

Liebherr’s highly efficient hydrostatic drive system also makes a reduction in engine size possible. Fitted with a 4 cylinder 230 kW engine that meets Tier 4f requirements, fuel consumption as low as 14 l/h can be achieved. By using one closed loop hydraulic circuit for all operations, the recovery of energy from other parts of the system is made 2 / 3 possible. Whether this energy is recovered during braking or lowering of the load, it is transferred to other parts of the system as required.

The LRS 545 was produced at Liebherr’s manufacturing facility in Sunderland (UK) from where it was shipped via road to Dublin. On arrival in Dublin, the machine was unloaded and prepared for operation by Liebherr service engineers based at Liebherr’s Irish headquarters in Dublin.


Liebherr is hard to beat 

Glen O’Connor, Director of Doyle Shipping Group commented, “The Reachstacker is a hugely important tool in our Terminal Operations. It is used for day-to-day container movements – loading and unloading transport and trains. We are also heavily involved in project work and the machine is vital in the movement of deliveries for wind turbine components, project cargoes, and out of gauge lifts.”

Doyle Shipping Group was also looking for reachstackers from other manufactures but in the end choose Liebherr for several reasons: “After 25 years of using various manufacturers’ reachstackers we find that the Liebherr product is hard to beat. In terms of ordering, delivery, after sales service and most importantly reliability we have found Liebherr to be of the highest quality. Since the new LRS 545 is now in operation at our facility in Dublin, our drivers choose it every time. The comfort, technology, speed and reliability make this machine our number one choice.”

Fantastic customer feedback

Robert Alexander, Sales Manager at Liebherr-Great Britain and Ireland Ltd, said, “The feedback on the new machine from the customer since delivery has been fantastic. From the start, it has been a real pleasure working with Doyle Shipping Group on this project and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”

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