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  3. NAVTEK Naval Technologies Launches Its Latest Product, LAUTUS
NAVTEK Naval Technologies Launches Its Latest Product, LAUTUS

NAVTEK Naval Technologies Launches Its Latest Product, LAUTUS

NAVTEK Naval Technologies, a leading provider of innovative marine technology solutions, has recently launched its latest product, the LAUTUS unmanned semi-autonomous surface water cleaning drone in Tuzla, Istanbul.


The LAUTUS is an all-electric, "Zero Emission" marine litter cleaning drone that uses solar PV power to clean floating marine litter on and just below the water surface. It is highly suitable for cleaning up floating trash in ports, canals, estuaries, and other aquatic environments.

The LAUTUS's flexible modular design allows it to clean smaller wastes such as oil spillage, sea snots (marine mucilage), and other organic wastes by changing its collection module. It is equipped with a self-emptying system that deposits the collected litter into a 200-liter or 40 kg waste receptacle.

This fully autonomous drone can be controlled through a remote-control station or mobile app, which reduces operational costs. The LAUTUS's most distinctive feature is that it is primarily powered by integrated PV solar panels, making it a zero-emission marine drone with a minimal carbon footprint.

In addition, the LAUTUS can be customized and equipped with different kinds of sensors for water quality monitoring and control and other purposes. The LAUTUS's innovative modular minimalist design ensures minimum maintenance and substantial OPEX cost savings.

The LAUTUS's charming appearance attracts strong attention from children and marina operators, which helps to increase environmental public awareness.

Overall, the LAUTUS is a true "Zero-Emission" marine litter cleaning drone that helps to improve and protect our fragile aquatic habitats. Its silent operation will not disturb marine life, and its innovative design has been developed to meet the future capabilities of fully autonomous AI, making it an ideal solution for the future of water quality monitoring and control.

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