3. Misje orders 10 eco bulk carriers in Sri Lanka
Misje orders 10 eco bulk carriers in Sri Lanka

Misje orders 10 eco bulk carriers in Sri Lanka

Misje Eco Bulk AS, part of the Norwegian shipowning company Kåre Misje & Co., ordered up to ten eco bulk carriers from the Colombo Dockyard PLC (CDPLC) in Sri Lanka.


As stated, the agreement covers six firm plus four optional vessels.

The contract, signed in March 2020, is expected to enter into force in September 2020 following Misje 's final approval by the Board.

The 89.95-metre-long vessels are designed to hold a load capacity of 5,000 dwt.

The type of cargo to be transported includes bulk freight, food, timber, unit loads and containers.

That vessel is powered by a four-stroke diesel engine with an electrical hybrid system providing additional power via a battery system.

According to the CDPLC, bulk carriers are developed as environmentally friendly vessels, as they will have lower emissions than conventional bulk carriers of the same size.

The concept and basic design of the ships has been built by Wartsila Ship Design Norway AS and the detailed design will be carried out by the CDPLC.

The first batch vessel is expected to be shipped within 18 months and the next vessels will be shipped within four months.

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