3. Meyer Turku benefits Finnish economy
Meyer Turku benefits Finnish economy

Meyer Turku benefits Finnish economy

The Meyer Turku shipyard has reported that the revenue generated by the production of the yard and the production of its direct supplier companies has reached 1.9 billion euros, which it said corresponds to a growth of 46 percent compared to 2016.


A late 2019 study by the University of Turku’s Brahea Center found the shipyard is very important to the economy of Turku and southwest Finland. The economic benefits extend to the whole country because three-fourths of the yard’s direct supplier companies are domestic.

The value of domestic supply orders for Meyer Turku increased by 64 percent to approximately 638 million euros, while the value of foreign supply orders increased by 150 percent to approximately 295 million euros.

Meyer Turku’s turnover was about €1.9bn, a growth of 46% compared to 2016.

The value of orders grew strongly, almost doubling in two years, with an 84% increase. In 2018, the value of orders was approximately €933m, compared to the approximately €508m in 2016.

Meyer Turku is the fourth largest employer in Southwest Finland after the City of Turku, the University of Turku and Valmet Automotive. Meyer Turku is the second largest industrial employer.

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