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Metal Shark delivers last NYC Ferry

Metal Shark delivers last NYC Ferry

The shipbuilder Metal Shark has ended its four-year run of vessel development for NYC Ferry, owned by Hornblower, with the delivery of Time Traveler, handing over the final new vessel to join the fleet.


Since NYC Ferry deliveries began in April 2017, the newbuild is the 12th 85-foot, 150-passenger, USCG Subchapter 'T' NYC Ferry passenger vessel constructed at Metal Shark's Franklin, La. shipyard. Metal Shark's Franklin yard also constructed 10 97-foot, 350-passenger, USCG Subchapter 'K' passenger vessels for the operator in that timeframe, for a total of 22 ferries designed by Metal Shark for the operation.

“We are thrilled with the operations and production that the Metal Shark team has been able to deliver for NYC Ferry throughout the past four years by working together through the design process, regulatory changes, hurricanes, pandemics and more. Throughout the process of delivering an astonishing 22 vessels to the NYC Ferry service fleet, Metal Shark has proven to be a valuable partner to Hornblower Group as we continue to deliver a reliable and best-in-service experience for our customers," stated Junior Volpe, director of special projects, Hornblower Group.

The delivery marks the end of a long and prolific production run. Metal Shark was one of two builders initially chosen to build passenger ships for the new NYC Ferry Service in July 2016.

With less than 10 months from the launch of the project and the delivery of the first vessel, between April and June 2017, Metal Shark delivered all six of the ferries on or before schedule.

On May 1, 2017, with Metal Shark-built Sunset Crossing, NYC Ferry officially launched with the privilege of ferrying the first load of customers on the inaugural revenue trip of the new operation. A second order of NYC Ferry vessels under construction was announced by Metal Shark in September 2017.

For four straight years, numerous follow-on orders culminated in the continuous production at Metal Shark Franklin of 150-passenger and 350-passenger NYC Ferry vessels.

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