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  3. Mega-yacht caught fire in Phuket, Andaman Sea
Mega-yacht caught fire in Phuket, Andaman Sea

Mega-yacht caught fire in Phuket, Andaman Sea

Mega yacht 55-metre-long named LADY D caught fire in the morning Aug 7 in Ao Po Grand Marina yacht club, Phuket island, Thailand, Andaman sea.


The fire began on Wednesday morning. A crewman on board the yacht tried in vain to put out the flames using an extinguisher. The fire-engulfed the yacht which had to be cut loose and set adrift to prevent the blaze spreading to nearby vessels at the pier. 

Firefighters couldn’t get very close to yacht, because she was berthed far from main pier, alongside pontoon. After attempts to put fire under control has failed. Authorities decided to tow her to Koh Nang islet in vicinity of Phuket. 

The incident is being treated as very serious, with Phuket Governor Phakaphong Tavipatana, the Thalang District Chief Adul Chuthong both arriving at the scene to oversee operations. Thalang Police Chief Col Thirawat Leamsuwan explained that the Lady D had recently returned from Langkawi. At the time firefighters and police arrived. It was announced that there were no people on board. 


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