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  3. Maersk Eindhoven sails from APM Terminals Yokohama
Maersk Eindhoven sails from APM Terminals Yokohama

Maersk Eindhoven sails from APM Terminals Yokohama

The 13,100 teu Maersk Eindhoven sailed from APM Terminals Yokohama on March 13 and is expected to arrive at the Los Angeles anchorage on March 13.


On February 17, the Maersk Eindhoven lost engine propulsion while sailing 45 nautical miles off the coast of northern Japan in rough seas.

The ship turned around and headed for Yokohama for repairs after losing maneuverability, which resulted in 260 containers being thrown overboard and 65 being damaged on deck.

Meanwhile, Maersk Essen, a sistership, is scheduled to dock at APM Terminals Pier 400 in Los Angeles in the coming days. During a storm on January 16 in the middle of the Pacific, the ship lost about 750 boxes overboard.

The Maersk Essen was rerouted to APM Terminals Lazaro Cardenas in Mexico instead of the congested Los Angeles as scheduled.

The ship and its cargoes were repaired and the vessel departed its Mexican base on February 22.

The ill-fated ship had an eventful journey north to Los Angeles, with a crew member being airlifted due to an arm injury, followed by an engine oil problem. It is actually grounded off the coast of Los Angeles.

The ONE Apus, the most high-profile of the six recorded Pacific box spills this winter, is still not ready to return to operations.

On November 30, more than 1,800 boxes were lost on the Ocean Network Express (ONE) ferry. The ship reversed course and headed for Kobe, where container loading has largely failed.

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