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  3. Lloyd’s Register launches Maritime Decarbonisation Hub
Lloyd’s Register launches Maritime Decarbonisation Hub

Lloyd’s Register launches Maritime Decarbonisation Hub

In support of delivering greenhouse gas reduction goals, LR has launched a dedicated center of excellence to promote the healthy, sustainable and cost-effective decarbonisation of world shipping.


A collaborative initiative between Lloyd's Register Group and the Foundation, the Maritime Decarbonisation Center brings together opinion leaders and subject-matter experts with the skills , knowledge and capacity to support the maritime industry in planning, improving and selling the routes to potential decarbonisation fuels.

To ensure the center reflects on the issues that matter to the sector, a steering group of external stakeholders is in place.

The LR Maritime Decarbonisation Hub is committed to undertaking and actively exploring collaborations with stakeholders across the industry under the leadership of Charles Haskell, LR's Decarbonisation Programme Manager, based on building a more sustainable future for shipping and contributing to the global task of slowing climate change for society.

The Maritime Decarbonisation Center will help guide charterers, owners and operators, financiers, ports, yards, fuel suppliers and regulators through cooperation, development and sharing of evidence-based research, among others, through the technically complex decision-making and robust investment considerations they will face during this transition towards industry transformation.

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