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  3. Liebherr maritime equipment deliveries reached a record level in 2016
Liebherr maritime equipment deliveries reached a record level in 2016

Liebherr maritime equipment deliveries reached a record level in 2016

Last year Liebherr Maritime Cranes delivered nine mobile harbour cranes, four reachstackers, three rail mounted gantry cranes and one ship-to-shore container crane to various Italian ports.


Since Liebherr has been engaged in the manufacturing of maritime cargo handling equipment, Italian ports proved to be reliable and valuable partners.

The first mobile harbour crane was already delivered in 1974 and over the years the maritime cargo handling fleet operating in Italy has constantly been increased. However, deliveries reached a record level in the last year on account of the locally potentiated sales and service set-up. Mr Pieter Vuylsteke, sales manager for the European market is delighted about the most recent entries into Liebherr’s order book:

“The recent boost in LHM crane orders is probably the most impressive testimonial of our continuous market penetration via our regional sales office in Ravenna. With this number of deliveries, 2016 definitely is a benchmark for our future sales ambitions in Italy.”

The fleet of Italian units is mainly used for container handling to cope with the constantly rising containerisation of goods. For such reason crane purchasers are also entirely focusing on Liebherr’s crane models designed for the handling of Panamax and Post-Panamax vessels.


New equipment all over Italy

In this respect, a LHM 550 was handed over to Compagnia Portuale based in Monfalcone in the Gulf of Trieste, an area of heavy shipping and high urban concentration. Two more cranes of the same type went to Apulia. Peyrani could celebrate the handover for two machines at the same time. One is operating in the Port of Brindisi and the other is operating in the Port of Taranto, just 60 km away on the other side of Italy’s boot heel.

The Bari based terminal operator Istop Spamat S.r.l. opted for a new multipurpose mobile harbour crane LHM 550, a used LHM 400 and two Liebherr Reachstacker LRS 545 in order to increase cargo-handling efficiency. Captain Vito Totorizzo, owner of Istop Spamat S.r.l. comments the arrival of the new cargo handling equipment as follows: “We are extremely satisfied of the quality and the performance of our new Liebherr products. The on-time delivery and the very professional training for to our staff again underlines, that Liebherr is the right partner for us.”

Quality and performance for satisfied customers

In addition, the Port of Ravenna modernised and expanded its container handling fleet. The customer TCR - Terminal Container of Ravenna S.P.A. received one new Liebherr Reachstacker LRS 545 and three rail mounted gantry cranes. Romano Magnani, Technical Safety & Security Manager at TCR adds, “Like all new products, the specifications provide for the latest available technology, with many advanced features even compared to our 2014 model. Naturally, the new crane comes with the excellent environmentally friendly enhancements, fit for a 21st century industry, something that was high up on the list of priorities during the selection process.” TCR placed an additional order for a Liebherr ship-to-shore container crane. Having personally signed the contract, Milena Fico, Director and General Manager of Terminal Container Ravenna enthuses: “The market is very positive about TCR’s customized approach to personal service and flexibility and the new investment both in yard and ship-to-shore crane equipment can only enhance this further for the longer term. We are really satisfied: Liebherr has proven to be a reliable and cutting edge supplier able to give fast and efficient responses.”

The terminal operator Sapir Group S.p.A., which is in the business since 1957, took delivery of an LHM 600. This new machine will support the already existing mobile harbour crane fleet of one LHM 550 and three LHM 400. Another Reachstacker will start operation in the port of Salerno for the company Amoruso S.P.A.

Outlook for 2017

For 2017 the positive trend shall continue. Beside the upcoming delivery of a gantry container crane, there are some additional projects in the pipeline. Reachstackers for toplift and intermodal operation as well as mobile harbour cranes are already in discussion with Italian customers. Looks like the Italian job is not done yet. To be continued.

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