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Liebherr all over Antwerp

Liebherr all over Antwerp

Liebherr Maritime has further increased the number of cargo handling equipment in the Antwerp region.


More than 50 units of Liebherr Reachstacker and mobile harbor cranes were delivered to Antwerp in the past 25 years. More and more terminals reach out for an LHM 600.

Liebherr Maritime delivered its first mobile harbor crane to Antwerp more than 25 years ago. Since then terminal operators all over Antwerp steadily equipped their maritime cargo handling fleet with Liebherr products, especially mobile harbor cranes which are widely spread in the Antwerp seaport – more than in any other port in the world.

Over the years Antwerp MHCs also became bigger and bigger. Starting with the LHM 400, over LHM 500, LHM 550 to the second largest mobile harbour crane type, the LHM 600. In the past two years, Liebherr Maritime delivered six units LHM 600 to three different customers in Antwerp. Four machines are in operation for Katoen Natie Terminals Antwerp, one for Nova & Hesse-Noord Natie Stevedoring N.V. and one for Euroports Terminals Antwerp.

Strong Partnership with NHS

Nova & Hesse-Noord Natie Stevedoring N.V. (NHS) is a joint-venture between Nova Natie Logistics NV and PSA Antwerp NV. The company is specialized in handling conventional cargoes on the right bank in Antwerp. NHS is working with the latest mobile harbor crane from Liebherr. They started five years ago with two units and are now operating ten machines in total – five LHM 550, four LHM 280 and one LHM 600. NHS is very satisfied with the performance and the reliability of Liebherr mobile harbor cranes.

Stacking Power by Liebherr 

In addition to Liebherr MHCs, Liebherr Reachstacker are constantly entering the port of Antwerp. Currently four units are operating in Antwerp: three for Cuypers Vorkliften and one for Katoen Natie. Liebherr said its Reachstacker LRS 545 is designed for responsive operation to allow high performance in a relaxed manner. The innovative individual drive concept ensures that, a hydraulic motor independently drives each wheel. By removing the mechanical gearbox element, the drive of the machine from acceleration to braking is smooth and step less, which provides added sensitivity at low speeds and increases driver comfort.

Port of Antwerp 

The port of Antwerp is the biggest port in Belgium and one of Europe’s largest seaports, ranking second behind Rotterdam by total freight shipped. One of the main reasons of its success is its central position in Europe. Antwerp's docks are connected to the hinterland by rail, road, and river and canal waterways. Five European capital cities are located within a radius of only 250 kilometers around the port.


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