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Letter from Turkish Shipowners' Association about Operation Peace Spring

Letter from Turkish Shipowners' Association about Operation Peace Spring

The letter, prepared by the President of the Turkish Shipowners' Association, Mr. Ahmet Bedri İnce, was sent to the 100 Shipowners' Union and 65 International Maritime Organizations on 5 continents.

15 October 2019

Dear Mr President,

I'm writing this letter to present Turkish sectoral insights on the Operation Peace Spring currently being carried out by Turkish Armed Forces in the southern border of Turkey.

The Operation is being conducted by respecting the territorial integrity of Syria and in the framework of the “Right of Self Defence” in Article 51 of UN Charter and related resolutions adopted by UNSC on the fight against terrorism, and also the rights of Turkey emanating from the international law.

Why Turkey decided this operation? There are many reasons. But the first and the most important reason is to secure the Turkey's southern border which faced many threats from PYD/YPG, PKK and DEASH terrorists originating in the northern part of Syria across our border. More than 200 wounded and killing attacks responsibility in this region was assumed by PYD/YPG and their affiliated elements.

Second important reason is to facilitate the Syrian migrants who are currently in Turkey to their homeland. According to the International Organization for Migration, there are 6 million Syrian Refugees including 2,6 million children, Turkey currently hosts alone over 3,6 million Syrian refugees. This Operation will provide almost 1 million displaced Syrians in Turkey to return to homeland.

In this context, with these efforts via Operation Peace Spring, Turkey will push the terrorist groups outside the defined area (peace corridor) in the scope of the operation and will establish a secured zone across its South border.

Finally I would like to express that I definitely believe this operation will avoid harmful actions and damages to the civilians and establish the peace and stability in the region.

Kind Regards.

Ahmet Bedri INCE
President of Turkish Shipowners’ Association 


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