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  3. Last containership leaves Frihamnen Port
Last containership leaves Frihamnen Port

Last containership leaves Frihamnen Port

Unloading the final container ship at Stockholm's Frihamnen Port marks the end of an era.


The 1,349 TEU container ship Dutch-flagged Essence unloaded the last shipment at Frihamnen on June 1, but the CTF container terminal will remain open until June 23 to allow customers to receive the rest of their container.

In the future, container cargo from Stockholm will be redirected to the new freight port of the city, Stockholm Norvik Port, which has recently opened and is better equipped and strategically located to allow direct transportation to the growing Stockholm area.

In addition to more effective handling, the new port leads to achieving sustainable transport directly to the growing Stockholm area by being able to accommodate larger vessels, with shorter approaches to the port. The Stockholm Norvik Port container terminal is now open, for both shipping calls and shore-based business activities.

“It feels wonderful to finally be able to open Stockholm Norvik Port, but we are also very proud that we have been able to provide such efficient container handling all the way to the end at Frihamnen port. With incredibly dedicated and professional personnel, as well as customers willing to work with us, we have been able to handle 40 lifts per hour, all the way to the final container,” explains Johan Wallén, Marketing and Sales Manager at Ports of Stockholm.

Hutchison Ports runs the container terminal which operates at 52 ports in 27 countries.

Work is ongoing to complete the other portion of Stockholm's Norvik Port, the RoRo terminal, which is scheduled to open in the fall.

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