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Lamprell to reorganise into three new business units

Lamprell to reorganise into three new business units

As part of its efforts to concentrate on the energy transition, the UAE-based offshore construction specialist Lamprell has agreed to reorganize into three separate business units: Renewables, Digital, and Oil & Gas.


On Thursday, Lamprell announced its plans for a strategic reorganization of its business to increase its emphasis on renewables and the transition to energy, increase customer alignment, and allow the company to take full advantage of its core markets.

Lamprell has built a track record as a manufacturing services provider for the renewables industry in recent years.

The company has manufactured over 100 foundations for the UK's offshore wind farms since 2017.

At the same time, the company has accelerated its digital innovation focus and has continued to advance its conventional business of supplying the oil & gas industry with jack-up rigs and associated energy infrastructure.

The expansion of its Hamriyah facility will allow Lamprell to further boost its renewable energy production ability as Seagreen, its next major renewable energy project, progresses.

Lamprell is now reorganizing into three independent business units: Renewables, Digital, and Oil & Gas, in an attempt to ensure a lean and agile company to exploit opportunities across these sectors.

The Renewables sector includes the company's existing ventures that include offshore wind facilities for the construction of wind turbine generator foundations.

Opportunities for renewables currently make up $2.5 billion, or around 40 percent of the company's bid pipeline, with the rise due to the pipeline entry of US renewables.

The digital business involves the development teams of technology and IP that have successfully introduced a variety of innovations in the yards of the community.

These include the deployment of robotic adaptive welding, technology for facial recognition, and a patented digital quality control system.

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