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  3. Kongsberg Maritime to supply MS Gann’s green credentials
Kongsberg Maritime to supply MS Gann’s green credentials

Kongsberg Maritime to supply MS Gann’s green credentials

The training vessel MS Gann will be outfitted with a SAVe Energy battery system and hybrid shaft generators, as well as power management, propulsion control, and monitoring systems from Kongsberg Maritime.


This will help to reduce the vessel's pollution while also improving the access to education available aboard. The contract has a total value of 41.2 million NOK.

MS Gann is a maritime-focused upper secondary independent school that was converted from a passenger ship in 2007.

Kongsberg Maritime, a Norwegian marine technology firm, has been working with the school to tailor an equipment kit since 2018.

This partnership has resulted in a scope of supply that will modernize MS Gann's power generation, storage, and distribution, enhancing the ship's green credentials and offering direct environmental benefits for the ship's service.

With the addition of Kongsberg Maritime's advanced digital performance management system Vessel Performance, the emphasis on sustainability continues. It assists the shipowner in ensuring that their vessel runs as effectively and sustainably as possible.

A 646kWh SAVe Energy battery bank, two hybrid shaft generators, DC switching, K-Chief 700 IAS, Vessel Performance, MCON propulsion control and torque, fuel flow and tank monitoring are all part of Kongsberg's delivery.

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