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Spreading its reputation across Turkey’s borders with its successful transportation and logistics activities all over the world, Kınay celebrated its 75th foundation anniversary with a spectacular ceremony held at Esma Sultan Mansion on the evening of Sep


The Kınay family including Kınay’s Chairman of the Board Sina Kınay, Kınay’s partners and executives as well as leading names from the industry attended the event. 
75 Years of History: Kınay Documentary…

The evening kicked off with the viewing of the “Kınay” documentary prepared by journalist Cüneyt Özdemir. The documentary gave a snapshot of Kinay’s history, founded by the late Ali Rıza Kınay 75 years ago with the vision “to be fair to everyone and please everyone as much as possible”. Hasan Kınay, honorary Chairman, also narrated the historical developments in Turkey throughout Kinay’s history.

People, Meaning and the Future… 

The documentary was followed by Sina Kinay’s speech:  "Everyone can see the sea, but only few can see the future on the horizon... Everyone can see the ship, but only few can see the people behind it... Everyone can see the cargo or the container, but only few can see the meaning it "carries". Ours is the journey of the "few". And he continued: "When you look at the business  we run, you can simply see it as moving something from point A to point B. However, we call what’s between point A and point B “life”. We set that ship afloat for people, we carry that load for its meaning to people, and we go towards the future ahead of that sea. This is our journey..."

“Rather than numbers, I want to tell you about three areas that Kınay focuses and gains its strength from: people, meaning and the future. Although humanity has been going through a challenging period, today we are here together. We have found ourselves right in the heart of a global pandemic. For the first time, 8 billion people feared the same thing and experienced the same concern. We are a huge organism made up of people. Our customers are people, our employees are people... We feel anxiety, we experience fear together. Our goal is not a perfect journey where we never fall, on the contrary, it's about knowing how to get up when we stumble. Our goal is to worry together, share the fear and decide on the next steps together. For this reason, Kınay's six values consist of quality, customer, people, fairness, innovation and environment. Our human nature underlies each of these values,” he added. 


We are the Engineers of Meaning 
Sina Kınay also said: “Sometimes there is reunion in that container we carry, or a building block of a brand new piece of infrastructure that will make life easier, sometimes there is happiness, or there is something that someone is waiting eagerly or curiously for. It is not possible for us to look at what we carry as only goods, or to accept what we are carrying is only about transportation… Our job is to transform the meaning at the origin into one that will find a whole new meaning at its destination. We can call ourselves  as ‘Engineers of Meaning’”.


We are in the Age of Cognitive Flexibility

“Change is constant. Years ago, we had that time period where we could hear the footsteps of change, understand what was to come, receive training and adapt. We do not have this today. We are experiencing constant changes and developments. This process invites each of us to the age of cognitive flexibility,” said Kınay and mentioned about the following definitions: “At Kınay, our philosophy is to accept that ‘'Tomorrow is actually yesterday’, since our time requires us to always adapt to change, produce rather than catch up with technology and have a flexible mindset. Believing that our past will determine our future, we have focused all our vision to prioritise technology. We are working tirelessly to be among those who are building a future in our sector, in Turkey and globally. I am very proud to say that.”

Kınay’s Chairman of the Board, Sina Kınay, finished his speech by uttering that “It is possible for us to achieve what we want when we walk together. We are here to build a meaningful future for people.”
Following the viewing of the documentary and the speech, Fatih Erkoç, one of Turkey’s most respected musicians, performed a live performance.

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