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  3. Joyce Krane Moves into Maritime Sector
Joyce Krane Moves into Maritime Sector

Joyce Krane Moves into Maritime Sector

The family business Joyce Krane from Karratha recently ordered an LHM 280 Mobile Harbour Crane. The well-known Australian heavy lift and logistic company has been a Liebherr customer of mobile cranes for many years and is now opting for its first Liebherr


Joyce Krane, an Australian heavy-lift and logistics specialist with more than 40 years of
experience, is a long-standing Liebherr customer for mobile cranes. Joyce Krane from
Karratha recently ordered an LHM 280 Mobile Harbour Crane for quayside operation in
Dampier, Western Australia. The LHM 280 will come in the 64 tonnes version, be
capable of handling offshore support equipment, but will also be equipped to handle
standard 20’ and 40’ containers with a RAM spreader. The pad arrangement is
designed specifically for the quay, and it has a number of options selected to meet the
requirements of the offshore supply base, such as external weight display and operator

LiDAT® smartApp – Maintenance

Joyce Krane decided to have the new LiDAT smartApp installed on their new machine.
The Liebherr smartApp is an IT solution which supports port terminals in
analysing and optimising cargo handling processes, performed by Liebherr mobile
harbour cranes. With LiDAT smartApp, it’s possible to analyse your crane data and get
answers from it almost immediately.

The Australian company opted for the smartApp maintenance package which shows
detailed information about machine operation hours, filling levels and temperatures.
The extended machine reports allow the maintenance manager to precisely plan times
for maintenance and refuelling. This avoids unnecessary downtimes and saves money.
It also ensures good service support for a fairly remote location.

Reliable cooperation ahead

“We are more than happy with our Liebherr mobiles and have been dealing with the
Liebherr Ehingen factory for years,” comments Sean Joyce, Operations Manager at
Joyce Krane. “Dealing with Rostock wasn’t so different, just the equipment changed.
We’re really looking forward to getting to use it.”
“I visited the Rostock factory mid of 2017,” added his brother James Joyce, General
Manager of Joyce Krane. “It’s a modern facility, and with its own quayside, it makes the
despatch of the cranes so much easier.”

The crane will arrive in Dampier beginning of 2019.


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