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  3. Jotun offers superyachts support with launch of JotunCare
Jotun offers superyachts support with launch of JotunCare

Jotun offers superyachts support with launch of JotunCare

With the launch of Jotun-Care, a specific after-sales and lifecycle service solution, Jotun cements its position as a preferred coatings partner within the Superyacht market.


The Norwegian-based company, world's largest supplier of advanced marine coatings and antifoulings, has developed the offer around four cornerstones precisely tailored to meet the needs of the consumer.

The result is a solution that provides Superyacht captains, officers and their crew with long-term support, helping them refine and conserve coatings for maximum efficiency , durability and safety.

"The company has built an intimate understanding of the demands, challenges and requirements within this dynamic segment," says Gary Ward, Jotun’s Global Superyacht Fleet Support Manager.

For over 25 years, Jotun has been involved in the superyacht niche. Jotun Care is the latest launch for a business that is well-known for its groundbreaking product and service innovations within the maritime industry.

It is built around the following elements: Jotun Fleet Support, providing a dedicated point of contact so customers can easily access support; Lifecycle Inspections, whereby Jotun’s technical specialists monitor coating performance, with measurable data; Crew Education, with training and workshops for crews to understand optimal maintenance and care; and the Jotun_Care_App, offering a simple way for crew to access instant support and vital information.

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