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  3. Italy sends a frigate to East-Med
Italy sends a frigate to East-Med

Italy sends a frigate to East-Med

The frigate Federino Martinengo (F 596) was moored in the port of Larnaca. It has been announced that the mission undertaken in the name of a generic patrol operation in ” protection of national interests “ without specifying the mission.


The presence of Martinengo in the port of Larnaca is part of naval diplomacy and navy activities, carried out in the field of international cooperation and dialogue between the countries of the area.

The area is precisely the area of ​​the continental shield, the stretch of sea disputed between the concessions of Eni and Total and Turkey , which claims its right to drilling in the south east of the Mediterranean. To protect this, Turkey had sent a drill, the Yavuz, accompanied by two military ships last October to the waters south of Cyprus.

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