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Iceland to reopen its borders to cruise ships

Iceland to reopen its borders to cruise ships

As of 15 June, Iceland reopens its borders to tourists. Travelers heading to Iceland will need to fill out a pre-registration form and download their mobile phones to an application.


Travelers can choose to take a PCR test at the airport upon arrival in Iceland, or to self-isolate for two weeks.

During the initial two-week duration, the PRC test will be free, after that, from July 1st; the price will be set at ISK 15,000.

Tourists can leave the airport after undergoing the PCR test, but are advised to travel cautiously until the test results are confirmed, according to a statement. Within five hours these can be predicted and will appear in the C-19 app or by text message.

“We are very pleased with the authorities’ decision to open the borders, with next-to-no new cases, we are ready to welcome vessels of all sizes again in Iceland. This might even be the perfect time to visit, since there will be a lot less tourists than previous years. We will definitely not be facing any congestion problems and passengers can enjoy the services offered by ports and tour operators, and thereby contributing to the local community, where many have been sitting idly since the corona-crisis started," said Pétur Ólafsson, Chairman of Cruise Iceland.

Expedition vessels are scheduled to arrive in Iceland from mid-July with new operational measures in place, such as social distancing, improved medical help on board and frequent passenger health monitoring, according to a statement.

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