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Hurtigruten makes history in Antarctica

Hurtigruten makes history in Antarctica

The world's first hybrid electric–powered expedition ship, Hurtigruten's own MS Roald Amundsen, has traveled the furthest south of any company ship in the expedition cruise line's 127 years of business.


 “We could not think of a better location than Antarctica to name MS Roald Amundsen,” said Daniel Skjeldam, chief executive officer of Hurtigruten. “I believe Roald Amundsen would be proud. With the ship carrying his name and legacy, Hurtigruten is redefining boundaries, challenging the industry, and continuing to push toward greener and more sustainable operations. As Roald Amundsen was the symbol of a new era of exploration, this ship is the symbol of a new era in the cruise industry. I am truly honored to share in such a historical moment as this, with like-minded explorers and colleagues, all dedicated to navigating our oceans in a more sustainable way,” said Karin Strand.

MS Roald Amundsen is the world's first hybrid electric–powered expedition cruise ship, equipped with large battery packs that significantly reduce emissions, as well as a specially designed ice-strengthened hull, which allows her to operate in areas other ships cannot reach. Her sister ship, MS Fridtjof Nansen, will also run on a hybrid electric–powered propulsion system, and will embark on her maiden voyage this spring.

With a growing fleet of small and custom-built ships, Hurtigruten is the world's largest and leading expedition cruise line, offering expedition cruises to more than 200 destinations in over 40 countries.

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