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Hempel's New Product Cuts Emissions And Costs

Hempel's New Product Cuts Emissions And Costs

Hempel’s SeamFlow reduces emissions and costs with minimal vessel downtime


Hempel’s solution for underwater hulls can achieve up to 2.5% in fuel savings and can be applied during routine dry-docks

Key messages

·         The SeamFlow weld fairing system for ship hulls can reduce vessel fuel consumption by up to 2.5% and help owners and operators meet emission reduction targets

·         In one five-year dry-dock cycle SeamFlow can reduce carbon emissions by 12,000 tonnes and bring fuel savings of up to $1.8 million

·         The patented SeamFlow system is a simple way to reduce costs and meet environmental targets, without extending dry-dock time

·         After dry-dock, Hempel can use out-of-dock data to calculate fuel savings impact, helping to quantify savings delivered to customers

World-leading coatings company, Hempel A/S, is showcasing its unique new solution, SeamFlow, for the first time in Asia at Sea Asia in Singapore.

The world’s first seam fairing solution for ship hulls is designed to reduce friction on the underwater area of vessel hulls and can reduce fuel consumption by up to 2.5%. Over a one five-year dry-docking cycle it can also save up to 12,000 tonnes of carbon emissions and $1.8 million in fuel costs.

SeamFlow is a complete system of coating, application tools and dedicated service, designed to reduce the friction created as a ship’s hull sails through water. By smoothing the welding seams created when the steel sheets of a ship’s hull meet, friction can be significantly reduced.


Before and after: SeamFlow weld fairing system has been applied to the seam in the illustration on the right, reducing drag and obtaining up to 2.5% fuel savings

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