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  3. Hannover Messe 2023: Sauer Compressors presents new gas compressors
Hannover Messe 2023: Sauer Compressors presents new gas compressors

Hannover Messe 2023: Sauer Compressors presents new gas compressors

Sauer Compressors traditionally invests in new compressor concepts, and this way constantly expands its product portfolio. At this year’s Hannover Messe/ Compressed Air & Vacuum the company introduces several new types of gas compressors. The first standa


Sauer Compressors developed the new gas compressors in close cooperation with partners and customers to ensure that they are perfectly designed for current and upcoming requirements of the gas industry. The SAUER Orkan series is suitable for the compression of many gases and a variety of applications. The first standard types of the series are two high-pressure air compressors with a final pressure of up to 350 and 500 barg respectively, a high-pressure helium compressor with a final pressure of up to 350 barg, and a high-pressure nitrogen booster with a final pressure of up to 350 barg and an inlet pressure of 4 to 8 barg.

Next to developing completely new compressor platforms Sauer Compressors focuses on the enhancement and expansion of existing compressor series. The air cooled series SAUER Hurricane is a good example for that. The new nitrogen boosters SAUER Hurricane WP4366LH B3-8 and WP4399LH B3-8 provide a final pressure of up to 350 barg and an inlet pressure of 3 to 8 barg. They are specially designed for the compression of nitrogen and are based on the robust platform of the series, that has proven itself under toughest operating conditions for years.

The new launches complement Sauer Compressors' portfolio of gas compressors, also including oil-free, dry-running and hermetically gas-tight types of the HAUG product line, which will be exhibited at the fair as well.

One-stop-shop for complete compressor systems

Sauer Compressors furthermore constantly expands its selection of accessories for high-pressure applications, like refrigerant dryers, adsorption dryers, and gas cylinder bundles. The self developed, intelligent compressor control system Sauer ecc 4.0 is one of those. The compressor manufacturer from the north of Germany provides the industry with individually designed complete solutions. The portfolio ranges from compressor systems on base frames over complete systems compiling high-pressure compressors including gas processing, storage, and distribution to complex ATEX compliant hydrogen plants for the space industry.

Second fair presence regarding hydrogen

Sauer Compressors will also be present with a stand at Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Europe. At this occasion the company will show its newest solutions for the hydrogen industry from the product lines SAUER and HAUG. (Hall 13, stand D43/1).

Sauer Compressors is a medium-sized German group of companies with 14 international subsidiaries. The company looks back on more than 135 years of history and over 85 years of experience in compressed air and gas technology. These days, the focus is on the development, manufacture and sale of oil-lubricated, and oil-free medium- and high-pressure compressors for applications in commercial shipping, industry and navy. The four product lines SAUER, HAUG, GIRODIN and EK focus on specific fields of application. The SAUER line comprises oil-lubricated high-pressure compressors for a wide variety of applications, while HAUG stands for oil-free, dry-running and hermetically gas-tight compressors. The GIRODIN and EK lines offer special compressors for the naval market. The modern reciprocating compressors for the compression of air and various gases reach pressures of 20 to 500 barg. In addition to standard products, customized solutions are offered for every type of application for individual customers, OEMs and globally active companies. With a worldwide network of representatives and partners, Sauer is always close to its customers. By supplementing the compressor range with high-quality accessories, engineering services, assembly, and service concepts, Sauer provides complete system solutions right up to complete turnkey installations.



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