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  3. Hamburg-based Hapag-Lloyd brings its fleet home
Hamburg-based Hapag-Lloyd brings its fleet home

Hamburg-based Hapag-Lloyd brings its fleet home

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises which would generally sail the seven seas is now bound for the waters of its home port.


The HANSEATIC nature expedition ship will be the first to return and is scheduled to dock in Hamburg, Germany, on April 20th. Also on their way back to Hamburg are his sister ship, the international HANSEATIC inspiration, and the two luxury ships, the EUROPA and the international EUROPA 2.

All three are due to arrive in the port on May 2 and will stay there for the time being until their schedules can start running again. The BREMEN must remain away from Auckland / New Zealand.

The two ships from the expedition would go to Blohm+Voss for repair work. The EUROPA 2 is going to its berth in Altona and the EUROPA is mooring up on the O'Swaldkai.

Even if there are no passengers on board the ships, life on board is never quiet. The remaining crew members still stay busy on the boat. Meetings are also underway. There are watches and rounds of testing to conduct as well. Wherever practicable, maintenance and repair work that needs to be performed is completed.

Any of this can not be done during regular service because the crew now has the time and the ability to tackle it. For example, a thorough spring cleaning of the entire ship is one of the jobs on the agenda. Even noisy research that's out of the question while visitors are on board-is being done now. The team also gets separate training sessions.

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