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HAISEA WAMIS Delivered To HaiSea Marine

HAISEA WAMIS Delivered To HaiSea Marine

Ground-breaking electric tug HAISEA WAMIS delivered to eco-friendly Canadian operator HaiSea Marine


Sanmar Shipyards has delivered HAISEA WAMIS, the first of three ground-breaking emissions-free battery electric tugs, to HaiSea Marine where it will operate at LNG Canada’s new export facility in Kitimat, British Columbia.

Based on the ElectRA 2800SX, HAISEA WAMIS is the first electric tug to be exported from Türkiye; the first electric tug in Canada and the first electric tug based on a design by Canadian naval architects Robert Allan Ltd to be completed and delivered.

It will shortly be joined by the all ElectRA series tugs HAISEA WEE'GIT and HAISEA BRAVE as part of a five tug deal with HaiSea Marine, a partnership between the Haisla Nation and Seaspan ULC, which also includes the LNG powered tugs HAISEA KERMODE and HAISEA WARRIOR, Canada’s first LNG tugboats.

Sanmar will have delivered totally 7 of its ElectRA ‘Tugs of the Future’ this year. 2 will be delivered to South and Central America operator SAAM Towage, 1 to Bukser og Berging in Norway and 1 to Sanmar’s own fleet in Türkiye.

Measuring 28.40 m in length, with a moulded beam of 13.00 m and least moulded depth of 5.60 m, the ElectRA 2800SX electric harbour tugs have 6.000 kWh of battery storage system, and achieve 70 tonnes bollard pull. HAISEA WAMIS, HAISEA WEE'GIT and HAISEA BRAVE will perform all their ship berthing and unberthing missions on battery power alone.

With ample clean hydroelectric power available in Kitimat, the harbour tugs will be able to recharge from dedicated shore charging facilities at their berths between jobs, effectively resulting in them achieving the sustainability dream of zero emissions.

Kitimat, British Columbia is in an environmentally sensitive region and LNG Canada has taken great care to protect marine and wildlife habitats when planning, constructing and operating its new export facility.

Ali Gurun, Chairman of Sanmar Shipyards, said: “The delivery of HAISEA WAMIS marks a major stride forward along the road to a sustainable, environmentally-friendly tug and towing industry and we are proud to be leading from the front, working closely with our partners to put innovative ideas into action through technological advance. The significance of this project is huge, not just for us, but for the industry that we work in as a whole.”


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