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Georgia becomes “Safe Hub” for seafarers

Georgia becomes “Safe Hub” for seafarers

Georgia can now be considered a "safe hub" for seafarers as Georgia allows crew change and rotation for seafarers.


Georgia is one of the first countries in the region to have recognized and designated seafarers as "key workers." The country is ready to perform the function of a transit country in the process of the repatriation of seafarers starting June 15.

“It’s been more than a month since Georgia has been actively cooperating with the maritime industry worldwide and is involved in the facilitation of crew change process and repatriation of Georgian seafarers. Therefore, the time has come to move to the next stage and become more efficient in the process of seafarers’ rotation,” government officials noted.

Following the requirements of the IMO and the WHO, Georgia will make the best use of its experience gained during the successful management of coronavirus spread to facilitate the process of repatriation and rotation of seafarers.

The country is achieving the status of a "safe hub" step by step, while members of the maritime industry and shipowners will be offered the possibility of safely sending seafarers to Georgia for access and transit to the final destination.

Taking into account the favorable geographical location of Georgia and the stable successful response of the county against the spread of the global pandemic COVID-19, this decision may prove to be the only viable opportunity for many shipowners to overcome the challenge.

The Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia has already assisted more than 600 sailors. We used the 'green corridors' with different countries for the timely return of sailors to their homeland", Georgian Economy Minister Natia Turnava.

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