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  3. Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines to retire two classic vessels
Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines to retire two classic vessels

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines to retire two classic vessels

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines has announced today that it will remove from the fleet two iconic vessels, the Boudicca and Black Watch, while the company is planning to receive two new vessels.


Two new ships will take over current itineraries for Boudicca and Black Watch, the company announced, when sailing starts again next year. The ships latest operated as Amsterdam and Rotterdam for Holland America.

When Bolette and Borealis join the fleet Fred will expand. The total ability of Olsen is about 30 per cent.

All vessels accommodate under 1,400 passengers and have modern and wider public rooms, while staying true to Fred. Olsen's familiarity with small ships.

Those guests who had booked cruises on the two classic vessels would be among the first to depart on the new ships, with their bookings being moved automatically to either Bolette or Borealis. In early September additional cabins will be placed on sale.

“I am pleased to say we are now at the stage of finalising our back in the water plans and we are very excited to be doing this with two new vessels within our fleet. While we are still looking at a number of options for Boudicca and Black Watch, what we do know is that they won’t resume sailing with us when we do start to cruise again. We know that these ships are much loved among our guests, as indeed they are by us, but it is time to evolve and look ahead to a long and bright future for Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines," Peter Deer, Managing Director at Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines stated.

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