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  3. Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines launches new "Plain Sailing Guarantee"
Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines launches new "Plain Sailing Guarantee"

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines launches new "Plain Sailing Guarantee"

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, Fred Olsen Cruise Lines says it has launched a new "Plain Sailing Guarantee" to provide reassurance for guests with upcoming cruise bookings.


In this difficult period, the Plain Sailing Guarantee sets out revised policies by Fred Olsen to reflect the changing complexity of the travel industry. It provides quibble-free refunds and maximum versatility should guests decide to go on an alternate cruise.

The Guarantee also sets out updated payment terms to remind guests that they can only pay in full once they know for sure they'll be sailing, with balance payments now due only 28 days before departure, as opposed to the previous 90-day period.

Guests wishing to move to another ship will receive a future voucher for the ship on top of any funds already charged.

This voucher will be valid for 24 months, with all funds to be reimbursed immediately, plus an extra 5 percent if not used during this time period.

Any guest with a booked 2020 cruise may decide to transfer already on sale to some other cruise, even if their sailing has not been cancelled. What guests need to do is let Fred Olsen Cruise Lines know about the planned departure at least two weeks prior.

Peter Deer, Managing Director of Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, announced last week that, as originally intended, a temporary pause in operations would be extended beyond 23 May. All cruises before that date will be closely monitored in line with the latest advice from the Government. All guests are given at least 30 days notice prior to travel if their cruise is affected.

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