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  3. Fourth Diamond Princess passenger died
Fourth Diamond Princess passenger died

Fourth Diamond Princess passenger died

A fourth person who traveled on Princess Cruises' Diamond Princess cruise ship has died, Japanese broadcast network NHK reported. Nearly 700 people on board the Diamond Princess, which spent two weeks quarantined off Japan, have so far tested positive for


Four people who were hospitalized after being taken off the ship have died, a health ministry official said.

Lastly a a Japanese male passenger in his 80s, tested positive for the coronavirus and died of pneumonia.

he 3,700-passenger cruise was placed on lockdown off the coast of Yokohama after a passenger disembarked in Hong Kong and tested positive for the virus.

Meanwhile, Princess Cruises, the ship’s operator, has announced a search for a “best-in-class” cleaning service that can make the ship operational after it was home to one of the largest coronavirus clusters outside of China.

The Courters and other quarantined people have received daily temperature checks and screenings and were tested for Covid-19 via a throat or nose swab. They are awaiting the results of this test which can take 3-5 days to process at a CDC lab.

Japan has come under increasing pressure over its handling of the ship, particularly after it emerged that some passengers allowed to disembark after testing negative were subsequently diagnosed with the virus.

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