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First Russian Aframax tanker launched

First Russian Aframax tanker launched

The first Russian Aframax tanker “Vladimir Monomakh” launched at the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex.


The new generation tanker is designed for unrestricted navigation transporting oil. The vessel is built to comply with the high standards of environmental protection. The main and additional power supply units will work on both conventional and green fuel, the liquefied natural gas, which complies with new environmental standards around the world.

The vessel's length is 250 metres, 44 meters long, 114 thousand tons deadweight, 14.6 knots level, ICE-1A ice class. Zvezda's portfolio already has 12 orders for these type of vessels.

The launch of the first Zvezda vessel was one of a kind. The Aframax tanker was started with the Vympel floating transfer dock, one of Russia's largest.

It has taken almost a day to prepare for the launch. During this time the tanker was rolled from the open outfitting slip to the floating dock by a vessel trolley-transporter, and then taken to the waters.

Construction history of this type of tankers has started with a visit to the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex in September 2017 by Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin.

High sustainability of tankers in the Arctic region is especially important for the job.

The Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex is being introduced by Rosneft Oil Company-led consortium of investors. The shipyard is being designed using radically new technical approaches, which will make it one of the world's most modern shipbuilding facilities.

Second stage commissioning will extend the capacities of the shipyard and allow Zvezda to build vessels and marine equipment without any limitations. The second stage involves the following: a dry dock and additional full-cycle manufacturing shops to construct large-capacity vessels and marine equipment.

Overall completion of the shipyard is planned for 2024.

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