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  3. First offshore crane order in Turkey
First offshore crane order in Turkey

First offshore crane order in Turkey

Rostock (Germany), September 2019 – Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbHannounces delivery of three offshore cranes to ENM KOREA & PRO DGS Shipyard.The cranes will be operated by the Basra Oil Company in the Arabian Golf.


The shipyard ENM Korea & Professional DGS manufactures the multi-purpose vessel and a heavy lift barge where the cranes will be installed. The completion of this project takes place in Turkey and is scheduled for the second quarter in 2020.

The contract includes a total of three offshore cranes, consisting of two ram luffing cranes, type RL 1500 and a board offshore crane, type BOS 14000. Both RL cranes will be equipped with a lifting capacity of 50 tonnes and mainly used for offshore supply and maintenance purposes. With a safety working load of 600 tonnes the BOS 14000 will be used for lifting single-point moorings (SPM) that must be maintained on the open sea. These moorings are anchored floating buoys which allow loading or offloading gas or liquid products for tanker ships. This diesel-hydraulic driven heavy lift crane is one of the biggest cranes of the board offshore crane series. Together with one of the ordered RL cranes, it will be mounted on a heavy lift barge. The second ram luffing crane is going to be in operation on a multi-purpose vessel.

“This project is a milestone for us since it is the first offshore crane order in Turkey and we provide all cranes for this project. We are very pleased that we have convinced ENM Korea & Pro DGS of our quality. And of course we are optimistic that we will be able to deliver more cranes to Turkey in the future”, says Armin Seidel, Area Sales Manager for Offshore Cranes.

The BOS 14000 has a lifting radius of almost 50 metres. To ensure the maximum lifting capacity which corresponds to the weight of three unmanned Boeing 747-400 airplanes, the crane is equipped with a 12 fall reeving. The powerful ram luffing crane, RL 1500 is able to lift up to 50 tonnes. This is something special since the standard lifting capacity of this system size is only 40 tonnes. The increased safe working load (SWL) will be ensured by providing a bigger winch. In addition the crane has no machinery house which makes it very compact.

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