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  3. Fincantieri works on Merchant Ships Division
Fincantieri works on Merchant Ships Division

Fincantieri works on Merchant Ships Division

Fincantieri has announced that its Services Division has been included in its Merchant Ships Division, thereby representing a specific reference point for ship owners as it pursues more business opportunities and optimizes synergies in the cruise segment.


The enhanced operations will also include oversight and coordination of Fincantieri Services USA, the Miami-based subsidiary of the group, the company said in a press release.

Daniele Fanara, assisted by Andrew Toso as deputy, will head the business unit, reporting directly to Luigi Matarazzo, managing director of the Fincantieri Merchant Ships Group.

According to the Italian shipbuilder, the operation will also produce widespread benefits for the other Fincantieri firms, especially the furniture and electrical and mechanical systems hubs.

In particular, the refurbishment of cabins, public spaces and catering areas, the installation and replacement of state-of-the-art stabilizers and thrusters, new propulsion and energy systems in terms of energy conservation and pollution reduction, and the modernization of air conditioning systems in conjunction with air sanitation systems will be the most important activities involved in the reorganization.

"Considering that one in three ships of the current global cruise fleet has been built by us, this operation will allow us to fully exploit the wealth of experience and knowledge of our different ship platforms. Thus, we will be able to offer our clients increasingly specialized and advanced works that can renew and extend the units' life," stated Giuseppe Bono, CEO of Fincantieri.

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