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  3. Exposhipping Istanbul has already turned its route to 2018
Exposhipping Istanbul has already turned its route to 2018

Exposhipping Istanbul has already turned its route to 2018

14.The International Exposhipping Istanbul Maritime Exhibition and Conference was held at the Green Park Hotel Pendik & Convention Center between 21-24 March.


Exposhipping Istanbul, which provides new blood to the sector with international participants and visitors, welcomed 4,786 marine professionals with 133 companies and 568 brands from 42 countries.In exhibition, it was reported that the maritime industry grew despite the crisis and that Turkey will continue to be one of the important players in the world in terms of maritime trade.

Exposhipping Istanbul, which gathered worldwide mariners under a single roof at Pendik Convention Center between 21-24 March, satisfied the sector with 20% international visitors.The 14th International Exposhipping Maritime Exhibition and Conference hosted 4,786 marine professionals with 568 brands and 133 companies from 42 countries.The 'Global Maritime Summit' conference, which was held simultaneously with the exhibition under the leadership of  Seatrade, and participant seminars such as Jotun Boya - ISO 19030 Seminar, BIMCO NYPE 2015 Seminar and Ilkfer Group VEEMS Systems Seminar attracted great attention.

Opening ceremony of Turkish Maritime Exhibition took place with the participation of Ahmet Selcuk Sert (Deputy Undersecretary of Ministry of Transport and Maritime), Metin Kalkavan (Head of IMEAK Chamber of Shipping), Murat Kıran (Head of GISBIR),  Ziya Gökalp (Head of GESAD), Basaran Bayrak (Head of Ship and Yacht Exporters Association), Serkan Tıglıoglu (Chairman of UBM EMEA [Istanbul]), the heads of all associations and institutions representing the sector, and press members.


Assessing the exhibition, Serkan Tıglıoglu (Chairman of UBM EMEA [Istanbul]) said: "the exhibition which we organized by developing our cooperation with IMEAK Chamber of Shipping for many years, the most important professional organization in the Turkish maritime industry, has been very successful.We have brought the maritime industry together with the international markets that are needed the most at difficult times that are going on all over the world.20% of totally 4.786 visitors was international visitors.However, we were greatly welcomed by our attendants as we moved Exposhipping Istanbul to a place nearby the Tuzla Shipyard Zone this year.With the strength we have obtained thanks to the positive feedback from participants and visitors, we have already turned our route to the new Maritime organization to be organized in 2018.The dynamic atmosphere in the exhibiton signalled that our exhibition which is normally held biyearly, should be arranged next year at once.Thus, we started the preparations for the year 2018.”

Participants who evaluated Exposhipping Istanbul expressed their satisfaction as the exhibition was being held for the first time in the heart of Anatolia in the maritime industry.


Ilkfer Group:"In the 14th year Turkish Shipbuilding and Sub-Industry Exhibition was moved to the Anatolian side"

"It was very nice that the exhibition was in the Anatolian side.The exhibition was in a productive atmosphere meeting the shipyard and sub-industry. We have moved the exhibition of the sector to Anatolian side.The fairground, conference room and hotel comfort were great convenience both for welcoming our international guests and following conferences.I believe that Exposhipping Istanbul will be one of the sector's brand exhibitions in 2019 ".

NEMO Marin:"We are very happy with the quality and number of visitors”

"We are also very pleased with the logistics of the exhibition in this year.Our sector is in Tuzla and Yalova.This 14th exhibition is being held close to shipyards for the first time.We understand the effect of this directly on the number and quality of the visitor and we are very happy about it. "

Ege Yat:"It was a very productive exhibition for us”

"Exposhipping Istanbul was better for us than the Yacht Fair.Because we build big boats and the materials for big boats were exhibited in this exhibition.We came together with the material suppliers, as well as the customers who bought the materials of big boats."It was very productive for us.It was also good for us to have a 4-day compact exhibition.It was all inclusive for us”.

Procurement Committee Program offers New Cooperation Opportunities for Istanbul Participants

Exposhipping Istanbul also hosted Buying Committee Program from the target countries which could gain new projects in the maritime sector, especially in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Ukraine, Norway, Russian Federation and Turkmenistan under the coordination of Ministry of Economy and the organization of the General Secretariat of the Istanbul Exporters' Association.In addition, delegations participated with the support of various international institutions such as the Greek and African Chamber of Shipping and the African Association of Shipowners were also present at Exposhipping Istanbul.


Exposhipping Istanbul hosted 'Global Maritime Summit' organized under the leadership of SEATRADE

14.The issues of maritime industry, solution offers to such issues and future of maritime industry were discussed at ‘Global Maritime Summit’ event organized simultaneously with International Exposhipping Maritime Exhibition Following up on the event, Metin Kalkavan, IMEAK Chamber of Shipping said: "Our conferences have been very successful.We have carried out important lobbying activities with both domestic and foreign visitors.I think it has been the most beautiful conference lately.We thank to Seatrade very much.Conferences held under the exhibition added value to the exhibition.Exposhipping Istanbul will continue on its way as a maritime exhibition and conference hereafter.”

Metin Kalkavan also said in his opening speech at the 'Global Maritime Summit': “The world has changed, the game has changed.The election of US President Donald Trump and the separation of Britain from the European Union will affect the maritime industry.In particular, I believe that Trump’s becoming the president will affect the maritime industry positively.Despite low inflation and average oil prices, global economic growth is not at the desired level.This is why the production has shifted to the east and it is not sustainable.Over the years we watched China's growth and found it positive.But in fact, it was an artificial growth.The Chinese concept was, 'we produce and you consume'.This is a faulty approach to me.Trump will change its course by enabling the US to play a more active role in production.I think the shipping market is extremely healthy.Forget about 8-9 years ago.There will be ups and downs, but the world economy is expected to grow between 3 and 5 percent.Turkey will continue to be one of the important players in the world in terms of maritime trade.


Companies shared developments in state-of-the-art products and services at Exposhipping Seminars

Participant Seminars organized within the scope of Exposhipping Istanbul was a joint meeting platform where companies can transfer the latest technology and developments.The first Participant Seminar was organized by Jotun.Jotun Global Sales Director Stein Kjolberg's conference titled "ISO 19030 - Practices to improve ship outer shell and propeller performance" was followed closely.In another conference held by İlkfer Group; VISWA LAB (Fuel and Oil Analysis Services) - VEEMS Automation System (Preparation for Emission Regulations), UNI Software - Caretta Software (New Generation Ship Operation Systems), UNIKAL (All Calibration and Consultancy Services) issues were discussed.Participation in the event, in which IIker Mese, co-founder of Ilkfer Group, was the speaker, was broad.In the event of NYPE 2015 organized by BIMCO on the second day of the exhibition, Prof.Dr.M.Fehmi Ulgener from ULGENER LC/LO took place as a speaker.


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