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Evyapport is ready for the future

Evyapport is ready for the future

The Railway Branch Line, which was commissioned by Evyapport in 2011, creates value for its customers with the water depth of 18.5 meters provided since 2019, and the closed customs warehouse to be commissioned in January 2020 and its technological equipm


Established in 2003, Evyapport provides 24/7 servicing to regional industrialists, shipowners, agencies, customs consultants, forwarders, carriers and all other logistics stakeholders with its slogan “A port that listens and produces solutions”, and with its strong infrastructure, technological equipment and expert team.

It has 4 SSGs, 5 MHCs, 26 E RTGs and 52 terminal tractors and a pier handling capacity of 1,750,000 TEU and the storage capacity of 855,000 TEU per year. With a total port area of 265,000 square meters and 80 truck parking areas, Evyapport shows high performance, exceeding customer expectations by reducing lost time in port entry and exit. Evyapport is able to provide services to ships with a length of 400 meters and a capacity of 20,000 TEU with a 455 meter long dock, SSGs capable of handling 23 rows of containers and a minimum water depth of 18.5 meters.

Evyapport, the tank terminal leader for storing vegetable oil and animal fat products in Turkey, has an annual capacity of 100,000 cubic meters and 1,120,000 tons of liquid cargo with its 36 tanks of various sizes and serpentine heating system and PIG infrastructure for pipelines. Evyapport provides complete port services for single piece loads up to 174 tons and continues to provide services for spesific cargo and general cargo with its expert team.

In 2011, Evyapport was connected to the main Istanbul-Ankara Railway Line via a branch line. With a capacity of 10 trains and 480 wagons daily, Evyapport offers fast, safe, environmental-friendly, affordable and alternative services to its customers.

As a 100% domestic and national capital company, Evyapport has positioned itself as the solution center for logistic stakeholders and continues to produce customized solutions for its customers’ needs and expectations with common wisdom and continuous improvement principles.

"A Port that Listens and Find Solutions"


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