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  3. EU: "Climate change is a bigger threat than the COVID-19"
EU: "Climate change is a bigger threat than the COVID-19"

EU: "Climate change is a bigger threat than the COVID-19"

In the long run, climate change is a "bigger" threat than the COVID-19 pandemic and needs urgent and collective action, the head of the EU delegation said.


Climate change is not only a risk in itself, but it is also a risk multiplier for all of our societies. The global community has passed the stage of questioning the causes of climate change, however, it still has an advantage as it knows a way to address the problem: the decarbonization of countries’ economies,” stated Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut in the Turkish capital Ankara on Wednesday.

The German diplomat claimed that the international community should not see climate change as a concern only because of its gradually increasing societal effects and stressed cooperation on a global scale.

In the Paris climate agreement, the EU played a leading role and offered all kinds of funding for UN studies, Meyer-Landrut said, adding that US participation made the agreement stronger again.

On Turkey's environmental efforts, thanks to the national zero-waste strategy, he praised its work to clean up water supplies and significantly increase wastewater treatment and recycling capacity.

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