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  3. Dutch contractor Heerema to become carbon neutral
Dutch contractor Heerema to become carbon neutral

Dutch contractor Heerema to become carbon neutral

In line with national and international emission reduction goals, Dutch contractor Heerema aims to become the first carbon-neutral marine contractor in the offshore industry.


The international maritime community moves forward to reach the 50 percent GHG reduction goal by 2050, the plans are being announced, with some companies promising to become climate neutral by then.

The carbon emissions of Heerema are primarily due to the combustion of fuel in its boats, which have historically been ultra-low marine gas oil and which have also liquified natural gas with its crane vessel Sleipnir.

By offsetting 250,000 metric tons of carbon from October 2020 through investments in certified carbon offsetting projects funded by the Climate Neutral Group, Heerema will begin its transition.

The figure is derived from the fuel combustion emissions from the company's ships, Sleipnir, Thialf, Balder, Aegir, Kolga and Bylgia, as well as the gas use of all Heerema offices and the Flushing yard. In all Heerema areas, it also includes pollution from energy use.

As the exact impact is being checked, Sleipnir 's methane slip is not yet included.

By the end of 2020, the company plans to start offsetting 100 percent of its current offshore carbon footprint.

“Heerema announced earlier this year that our mission is to be the leading marine contractor creating sustainable value(s). Our decision to go carbon neutral in 2020 is evidence that we turn our words into actions, and we are proud of this commitment,” said Heerema’s CEO, Koos-Jan van Brouwershaven.

From 2020 to 2025, Heerema issued a time-schedule for annual carbon neutral goals. The amount of compensated carbon is decreased by the adoption of zero-emission technologies by Heerema.

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