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  3. Doosan Heavy to work with KOEN on Offshore Wind Farm Projects
Doosan Heavy to work with KOEN on Offshore Wind Farm Projects

Doosan Heavy to work with KOEN on Offshore Wind Farm Projects

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction (DHIC) has recently signed a memorandum of understanding for the promotion of offshore wind farms in Korea with the Korea South-East Power Company (KOEN).


The two companies agreed to collaborate on the 2GW offshore wind farm projects being built by KOEN in the regions of Gyeongin, Southwest and Jeju Island, as well as on the construction of floating offshore wind power systems and complexes in the megawatt class. In addition, they agreed to participate in technology exchanges for the 8MW large-capacity offshore wind turbine commercialization, a national project being implemented as the main contractor by Doosan.

KOEN has the most comprehensive business strategy for wind power in terms of expected capacity among all the domestic offshore wind power companies.

KOEN completed the construction of the Yeongheung Wind Farm in 2013, the first wind farm to be installed in Korea, with 10 wind turbines (30 MW) supplied by Doosan for the project. In supporting the domestic wind power industry, KOEN is taking the lead.

“This MOU should enable us to commercialize domestic offshore wind turbines by securing large-scale references. We will cooperate with KOEN to revitalize the wind power industry in Korea to keep ourselves aligned with the Korean government’s Green New Deal policy,” commented Park In-won, CEO of Doosan Heavy’s Plant EPC Business Group.

KOEN completed construction of the Tamra Offshore Wind Farm in 2017, the first commercial offshore wind farm in Korea, which was accomplished using homegrown technology through joint partnership with Doosan.

In 2011, Doosan built the first 3MW offshore wind turbine in Korea and obtained international certification for it, followed by another international certification in July last year for its 5.5MW offshore wind turbine.

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