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  3. Decommissioned FSO anchored off her final resting place, Mumbai
Decommissioned FSO anchored off her final resting place, Mumbai

Decommissioned FSO anchored off her final resting place, Mumbai

A decommissioned FSO sold for scrap to a Bangladeshi breaker is now anchored off Mumbai, waiting for news on its final resting location.


The Radiant, formerly Jesslyn Natuna, is an FSO designed in 1983 that had previously been flagged and operated in Indonesia. She drifted aground near Tambelan in 2018, after she ended her term of commercial service on the offshore Natuna field. She was refloated and sold to a cash buyer, known as SOMAP International by NGO Shipbreaking Platform, for scrap.

Jesslyn Natuna left Indonesia in mid-April with a large quantity of hazardous waste on board, according to the NGO. The organization reported that 1,000 tonnes of slop oil, 500 tonnes of oily water, and 60 tonnes of sludge oil were being carried by it. The sludge was reportedly measured at almost 400 milligrams per kilogram of mercury, an amount considered exceptionally high.

The NGO Shipbreaking Platform, the Basel Action Network (BAN), the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), the IPEN, the Nexus3 Foundation and the Zero Mercury Working Group argued that the sale of the vessel was in violation of international transborder toxic waste transfer rules. They called on Bangladesh , India and Pakistan, the three major shipbreaking nations, to deny permission for entry.

Both Bangladesh and India followed the advice and denied access to the vessel.

This week, under tow by the 1985-built offshore tug S Cas, the Jesslyn Natuna (now sailing as Radiant) arrived off the Mumbai coast.

Unless her operator can produce further documentation, the Mumbai Port Trust denied her entry, the deputy chairman of the trust told the Mumbai Mirror.

The final destination for Radiant is a matter of some disagreement. The NGO Shipbreaking Platform admits that it is on its way to the beaches of Gadani, Pakistan, but Inspector General Anand Badola of the Indian Coast Guard told the Mirror that it is bound for Alang.

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