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  3. Damen Shipyards Group won a Product 2019 Award
Damen Shipyards Group won a Product 2019 Award

Damen Shipyards Group won a Product 2019 Award

One of the most well-known companies of the sector, Damen has won an award for the Human Machine Interface that it has been developing over the past two years for its Next Generation Tug Series.


The Human Machine Interface developed by International Shipyard Group Damen with VanBerlo as a strategic partner has received a Product 2019 Award.

Jeffrey Jacobs of Damen Group stated that “During operations, decision making by the crew has to be quick, despite them being under pressure, so any information has to be clear and relevant to each particular stage of the operation. At the same time the ease of operating the system requires an intuitive and simple interaction. The HMI covers the full integrated class-approved Alarm, Monitoring and Control system and can be accessed from the wheelhouse control station, on the main deck and in the switchboard rooms of the tugs. The system is also future-ready having been designed to accept additional applications on multiple devices at a later stage.” 

The award ceremony will be presented suring a gala which will take place in a global technology show IFA . The gala ceremony is planned to present in Berlin on September 6. Damen Group will also be introduce their system to the public as part of a special exhibition of the show.

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