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Damen Shipyards Group launches dredger for Hanson

Damen Shipyards Group launches dredger for Hanson

Damen Shipyards Group launched a Marine Aggregate Dredger (MAD) 3500 at their Galati Yard in Romania on September 11.


Damen is constructing the MAD for UK-based Hanson, who will use the vessel in the North Sea and English Channel to perform offshore aggregate extraction in water depths up to -55 meters.

After launch, Damen will complete work on the vessel, to be called Hanson Thames, and then conduct commissioning, including dredging and screening equipment from Damen Dredging Equipment in the Netherlands and PLM Cranes' dry unloading system.

Despite the impact of the coronavirus during this critical stage of production, the dredger was launched, the shipbuilder said, after dozens of COVID-19 cases were registered in July at the Galati shipyard.

“Throughout the pandemic our number one priority has been the safety and wellbeing of our personnel, our co-workers and the communities in which we work. The measures we have taken include strict hygiene and disinfection routines, and the establishment of shift teams to ensure maximum distance between people working, whilst at the same time keeping to schedule," stated Sales manager Joppe Neijens.

"The project team and yard have done a great job. Together they have taken the necessary measures to keep on track with minimal loss of time,” Neijens added.

The Crazy 3500 model explicitly aims to strike a balance between payload and efficiency within the restricted dimensions needed for the vessel to cross the Shoreham Lock on the south coast of England.

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